Resources & Links

Sponsored by a number of natural gas organizations and industry leaders, CNG Now is a comprehensive resource and clearinghouse for information regarding CNG as a transportation fuel.

NGVs Now
NGVs (Natural Gas Vehicles) Now is a national campaign dedicated to raising awareness and support for vehicles powered by natural gas.

U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Cities
A government-industry partnership whose mission is to reduce petroleum consumption in the transportation sector, Clean Cities has almost 90 local coalitions around the country. The Shift to CNG initiative is sponsored by the Treasure Valley Clean Cities Coalition.

Pickens Plan
Businessman T. Boone Pickens has proposed a plan to reduce American dependence on foreign oil by investing heavily in the development of wind energy. In so doing, according to Pickens, the natural gas currently being used for electricity generation can be used instead as transportation fuel for trucks and other heavy vehicles.

American Fuel: Developing Natural Gas for Heavy Vehicles (Report by Center for American Progress)
Creating incentives to convert the nation’s heavy vehicle fleet to natural gas would reduce oil use, invest in American energy sources, increase our energy independence and national security, and slash air pollution, according to the conclusions in this report.

AFDC Vehicle Buyer's Guide for Consumers
This site offers information about natural gas vehicles, including a database of current model year cars and trucks available for lease or purchase.

NGV Fueling Station Locator
The Alternative Fuels Data Center contains refueling stations for various alternative fuels, including CNG and LNG, throughout the country.

GSA Fleet Auction Site
Each year the General Services Administration (GSA) a division of the federal government, sells two to four thousand used alternative fuel vehicles (AFVs), often at substantial savings. You can learn about AFVs, look for specific vehicles now for sale, search for auction locations in your area, and more.