Case Studies

“As the largest trash hauler in Idaho, we knew we could make a real impact on air quality. At the same time, we’re helping to keep trash and recycling rates affordable with the savings we get from CNG.” 


                                                            –Dave Fisher, Allied Waste General Manager



Republic Services has taken the lead in protecting air quality and giving a boost to our domestic economy by making the move to CNG. The largest trash and recycling hauler in Idaho, Republic Services has replaced 84 of its diesel refuse and recycling trucks in Ada and Canyon counties with CNG trucks and installed equipment to fuel the trucks. 



In 2008, Republic Services saw an opportunity to help improve air quality in the Treasure Valley while also cutting costs. The new CNG trucks will save the company almost $40,000 in fuel costs each year, helping to keep trash rates low. 


The higher up-front costs of purchasing a CNG vehicle are largely offset by federal tax credits; the rest is recovered in fuel cost savings. Republic Services shift to CNG makes the company a leader in helping to achieve cleaner skies in the Treasure Valley. 


By switching to CNG trucks, Republic Services is significantly reducing the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), nitrogen oxides, and greenhouse gas emissions created by transportation in the Treasure Valley. Beyond the environmental benefits, Republic Services enjoys these additional advantages: 


  • CNG engines make much less noise, so trucks run quietly through our neighborhoods. 
  • CNG trucks require the same or less maintenance as the company’s diesel trucks. 
  • Drivers get as much power from CNG trucks as diesel trucks and prefer the quieter engines.