Calculate potential savings by converting to CNG

Savings Calculator


Your annual fuel cost savings for this vehicle would be approximately:


This calculation assumes that a CNG vehicle will have the same fuel economy (MPGs) as your current vehicle.  CNG cars, trucks, and vans typically have the same or better fuel economy than the same gasoline model.

This estimated fuel savings is based on the price of CNG at $2.00 per gasoline gallon equivalent (the approximate current price of CNG at the pumps in Boise and Nampa).

Actual fuel cost savings may be higher or lower for you or your business because of a variety of factors, including a possible difference in the fuel economy between your current vehicle and a new CNG vehicle, reduced maintenance costs assosicated with fewer oil changes needed for CNG vehicles, and changes in fuel prices.

Shift to CNG offers a free consultation about the specific potential fuel cost savings for you or your business.  Please contact us to schedule a meeting to look at how much money CNG could save you or your company.