Fueling How-To

To see how to fuel your CNG vehicle, check out the following video, produced by Clean Energy. This video will also be available for viewing at the fuel pumps.

Traditional hose dispenser

1.      Remove the fill-up nozzle from the dispenser.

2.      Make sure the lever is turned counterclockwise before connecting.

3.      Connect the nozzle to the fitting on your vehicle and lock it in place by turning the lever clockwise.

4.      Swipe your credit or debit card.

5.      Once your card is approved, flip the lever up on the dispenser. You should hear the gas flow through the line.

6.      Read the electronic percentage gauge on the dispenser. When it reaches 80 - 100%, it will automatically shut off. NOTE: Since the compressor is putting the gas into the vehicle under pressure, you will hear it cycle on and cycle off. This is normal as the system is gathering information on gas temperature and pressure. The compressor will continue to fill the vehicle until it is full. Disconnect the fill nozzle and return it to the dispenser. 

7.      Congratulations! You’ve just filled up with an environmentally friendly fuel that is produced in America and supports our economy.