Home Refueling Options

Today, BRC FuelMaker currently manufactures, distributes, installs and services their Vehicle Refueling Appliances (VRA) and Phill, the Home Refueling Appliance (HRA) for fleet and commuter vehicles powered by CNG.

The BRC FuelMaker System is the established benchmark for VRAs and HRAs, with 94 international patents and a state-of-the-art patented natural gas compressor that can be installed almost anywhere. According to General Motors, more than half of U.S. homes–some 60 million–are already equipped with a natural gas line, so and HRA simply connects to that line and gives homeowners the ability to enjoy the convenience of refueling at home.

Phill is the world's first natural gas refueling appliance that lets the customer fuel their Natural Gas Vehicle indoors or outdoors from the convenience of their own home.

For more information on purchasing or leasing a Phill device, visit Impco Technologies. You can also find a list of dealers on the Impco site.