CNG can save you money under a variety of circumstances. You can determine potential savings by comparing the purchase or conversion cost for a CNG vehicle with the potential fuel cost savings. On average, CNG costs $.80 to $1.25 less per gallon than gasoline (CNG is sold in gasoline gallon equivalents or gges).

CNG fuel economy (MPG) is similar to most gasoline makes and models and averages 5% to 20% percent less as compared to diesel models, although the lower fuel costs still make CNG more affordable than using diesel. 


The Savings Equation


The potential fuel cost savings depend on the following factors:

  • Fuel Economy and Annual Miles: The fuel economy (MPG) of your current vehicle and the number of miles you drive will have a significant impact on how much you can save by using CNG. If your current vehicle has low fuel economy and if you drive a lot of miles every year, your savings will be greater.
  • Cost of CNG Vehicle Purchase or Conversion: Vehicle choice, as well as any available tax credits, will impact the cost of vehicle purchase or conversion.
  • Life Cycle of Vehicles: How long you or your business keeps its vehicles in service will impact the potential life-cycle savings gained from shifting to CNG.

To see how much you or your business might save, visit our savings calculator.