In the Treasure Valley

Two new public fueling stationsin Boise and Nampaopened to in August 2011, marking a new direction for Idaho's energy future.

For many years, Idaho’s Treasure Valley has encountered air quality challenges that have steadily increased, as the region continues to experience a high rate of growth. Transportation and traffic congestion are two of the leading factors that contribute to poor air quality. With the prospect of federal action threatening to place restrictions on businesses and our transportation infrastructure, ensuring we protect our airshed isn’t just a matter of public and environmental health—it’s also about jobs and our economy.

Shift to CNG plays a central role regionally in the development of a key CNG transportation corridor in the West, linking Utah with the Pacific Northwest coast. Without a CNG fueling infrastructure in Idaho, trips in natural gas vehicles (NGVs) across this well traveled route are simply not possible. As we build public pumps in Idaho and extend the CNG infrastructure in the West, we’re doing our part to decrease our nation’s reliability on foreign oil.

Idaho may also have a role to play in producing natural gas, as exploration wells have been testing production in Payette County.